Monday, July 6, 2009

Off to tales....

In the morning, earlier than I am used to, I am off to New Orleans. I don't know if I am quite cool enough to call it 'the big easy' or if that makes me too Scott Joplin.
Do people in New York call it the 'big apple'?
And, N'arlens? That's like over pronoucing taco bel grande at Taco Bell. I am not from said climate so I think I'll stick with "New Orlins" not quite as annoying as 'NEW Oarleeeeens'.
Now that nomenclature is out of the way... Katrina? I do have pre-Katrina memoroes of New Orleans, I spent a couple enibriant weeks there many years ago. In the thick of the media shots from rooftops I remember thinking to myself, it was so old and wet before how will it ever imerge from such a vile soaking? Alas it did, there seems to be an exhuberence, a born again feeling. I am not, mind you, speaking of politics or enequalility amongst rich or poor black or white, I am mearly making observation of the physical structures I saw drenched in brown river. I am not so ignorant to believe that anyone has taken a hard look at improving the standard of equality amongst men there in the swampy heat. That will take time, and things that take time need veneers, a certain " excuse our mess' 'business are still open during reconstruction' sign. The feeling is not as if nothing ever happened but that it did, and the same forces that made New Orleans great throughout its pre- Katrina history are in full effect to create a Post Katrina history as lively and alluring as ever.

We will be at Tales of the Cocktail all week, I plan on keeping track of bites and sips and hopefully making out with some cute bartenders...