Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Foodsnap ... Friday Sept 18th.

Kathy and I spent some time and served up some edible cocktails at Foodsnap, a Foodista event held in Georgetown on friday. A day long event for food photographers, bloggers, and enthusiasts to learn about professional food photography and get some on the spot tutelage from some of Seattle's best food shooters. The event hosted Lou Manna, a professional food photographer from New York who was also on hand to give pointers and thanks to the golden age of digital, attendees could instantly upload their shots for on the spot reviews and feedback. The whole event was slathered with new technology and social media buzz. Any social event these days is a flutter of instant twitter and flickr uploads which gives a whole other dimension to these types of events. People 'know' each other through tags and handles, like truckers on the super highway communicating through ceebee. "pappa bear this is big daddy niner, I see you've already eaten at (insert newest restaurant here), what do you think about (insert newest bacon concoction here. "
The light in the studio, a beautiful open space in one of the old Rainier Beer bottling buildings, though the floor to ceiling windows wreaked a little havoc on the delicate edible cocktails we we brought along. There was no shortage of light.

We brought cucumber gelee to event, tragically the heat in the studio made photographing gelee quite a challenge, and for that matter the copious amounts of vodka in each one of these tasty edible cocktails made them hard to resist. I was preoccupied watching the trays of them jiggle as I walked the room offering up samples to the busy photographers, but I took a moment to snap a couple photos myself.
While I have no idea how these little gems tasted, their sweetness and contrast of petals and pastel against the distressed wood table they rested on was enough to catch my attention. The petaled rose cupcake looked as if it were in a suspended state of melt. I will make my way to Wink in hopes they taste as good as they photograph.

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