Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The new Beehive at the studios.

Earlier this month we had a bee hive installed by the man with my favorite mane Corky Luster of Ballard Bee company.  The hive is leased or fostered depending on your honey needs.  When you lease a hive, Corky comes round once a week to make sure everything is all good and at the and of the season you get to keep the honey produced.  There is no guarantee your busy little bees will produce, but Corky says our bees are looking fine and we'll probably have a bucket full of sweet sweet honey around August.  
The bees are Italian honey bees, so they are lovers not fighters.  They are less aggressive so it makes them good for urban bee keeping.  They produce a little slower but their not going to swarm you if you get to close.  
They hive itself started with about 7000 bees and is now a month later at about 12,000, so they are getting busy in there, and it's hot.  The hive itself stays a balmy 97 degrees at all times.  twelve thousand bee wings flapping, honey making and bee humping generates some heat.  
The hive is placed suspiciously close to our outside dining area but amazingly enough a small wall diverts their bee instinct away from the diners and off into the fruit flowers, fennel, and herbs growing in the garden.  If the bees are forced up and away it's almost as if they they have time to hone in on pollen and not someones lunch.  

Her's a vidoe of Corky himself installing the bees.  

Friday, May 7, 2010

Creepy girl makes an appearance in Kathy Casey's Razor Clam Cleaning video.

We put together this video for the Ocean Shores Razon Clam Fest to demonstrate cleaning razor clams.  It's kinda fun. Plus if you ever need to know anything about Ocean Shores they have a great tourism site, with lots of videos of locals and stuff to do around the area,